Fisterra Energy, as part of its strong corporate social responsibility values, and additional to the donations already performed in Madrid, decided to materialize new donations in Jalisco and Guanajuato (Mexico), where Fisterra’s projects stand, in the form of sanitary materials for individual protection as it has been an obvious need all over the world and food  supplies for the vulnerable population.

It is clear that the pandemic has been a challenge to obtain basic personal protection equipment mainly for health personnel in the world. Countries were not ready with enough volume of material to cover the instant massive needs created by the pandemic. Mexico has not been an exception and the dimension of the problem was potentially bigger due to the large size of the country and the number of inhabitants (128 million). Additionally, the reduction on the economic activity generated by the pandemic has impacted families around the projects forcing them to attend the charity dining rooms.

Considering this, Fisterra Energy has performed donations through several foundations and hospitals, such as, in Jalisco: IMSS Foundation, Jalisco sin Hambre and in Guanajuato: Hospital CAISES Cortazar and Desarrollo Integral de la Familia-Cortazar. Contributed equipment includes 4,800 particulate respirators, 4,100 face covers and 40 infrared thermometers. Additionally, Fisterra has provided food for community services, serving meals for more than 4,000 people for 15 days in Jalisco. Similarly, food donations for community services have been performed in Guanajuato.

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