AT EKTRIA we answer your questions about the new ELECTRIC market in mexico

At Ektria we explain you how the new Electric Market of Mexico works. In this section you can learn about the history, process, and implications for the release of the Electric Market in the country.
  • The market so far < 2013

    • In 1879 the first electric installations were established in León, Guanajuato, Mexico at the textile factory “ La Americana”.
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    • Street lights were installed in Mexico City in 1881.
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    • The company Mexican Light and Power was incorporated in 1902 which later became the Compañía Mexicana de Luz y Fuerza Motriz (Luz y Fuerza).
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    • In 1934 the Federal Electricity Commission was created as a public entity.
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    • In 1960 the Mexican electric sector was nationalized.
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    • The law before the current Electricity Law (LIE), the public service energy law, was approved for the first time in 1975.
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  • Energy Reform 2013 - 2016

    The Amendment to the Constitution in energy matters of 2013 implied, among other things, the opening of the Energy Market, which allows the participation of private companies in the production and commercialization of electric energy in the country.


    Electric Industry Law (LIE)  i


    Regulations of the LIE i


    Rules of the Electric Market i


    Manuals and operative provisions

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  • The New Market

    The Energy Reform opens opportunities for third parties to participate, offering services and products related with the production and commercialization of electric energy, boosting competitiveness throughout the country.

    What is it all about?

    • - Opening of the generation and supply businesses to third parties
    • - The creation of the Wholesale Electric Market (MEM)

    Market Participants

    • - Generators and Intermediary Generator
    • - Suppliers > Basic, Qualified, and Last Resort
    • - Qualified Users Market Participant
    • - Commercializer Non Supplier

    Short-term market

    • Types of market
    • Bilateral transactions
    • Hedging contracts
    • Products: Energy, Capacity, CELs
    • Types of offer
    • Prices
    • Financial transmission rights
    • Import and export

    Medium and long term auctions

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In this section you can download or review all documents related with the electric sector in Mexico.


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